2022 Apartment Sector Program

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Please join us at NO CHARGE for a special apartment industry education stream at the REMI Show on June 8th.


The REMI Show is proud to deliver a special one-day education program stream, specifically for apartment industry real estate professionals. Complementing the overall education programming from the REMI Show, CAI Canada Conference and IFMA Global Canada, the apartment sessions are brought to you by our supporting association partners FRPO, CFAA, HDAA and GTAA. Show attendees will enjoy our apartment education stream and will also have access to our show's education sessions, the shared trade show floor, and the our show networking/social events.

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Please click here to register at NO CHARGE for the 2022 REMI Show.



If you are interested in exhibiting and/or sponsoring the 2022 REMI Show, please contact chuckn@mediaedge.ca or 416-803-4653.


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2022 REMI Show / Apartment Sector Stream / Panel Discussion 

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

The Apartment Industry – 2022 and Beyond


As housing continues to dominate the political discourse, join this panel of experts in a candid discussion of where the industry is now and what to expect in coming years. With continued demand for affordable housing, increased rental supply, technology and ESG initiatives driving the sector, the rental landscape continues to evolve.  Hear how industry leaders are navigating these unprecedented dynamics in the wake of the global pandemic.


Tony, Irwin, President & CEO, FRPO

Arun Pathak, President, HDAA

The Impact and Importance of ESG Related to the Apartment Sector 


This moderated panel discussion will consist of apartment industry and sustainability experts who have a solid knowledge of ESG. Questions that will be addressed include: Why is adopting an ESG approach important for multi-res industry providers? What are the benefits of adopting an ESG approach for property management organizations? How can smaller property management organizations get started and introduce ESG as their way of thinking? How important will ESG be to the property management industry in its everyday business operations five and ten years from today?


Ted Whitehead, FRPO


Drago Farsang, C.I.O – Wyse Meter Solutions

Ryan Bekar, Business Development, Yardi

Deborah Cohen, President - PSN – Performance Network Solutions

Asquith Allen, Director of Policy & Regulatory Affairs, FRPO  

Apartment Industry Special Report (panel discussion)



Joanna Frank, President and CEO – Active Design Advisors, Inc. (Fitwel)

Meirav Even-Har, National Manager, Wellness & Healthy Buildings – QuadReal Property Group