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Education Session

Thursday, June 13, 2019

HVAC Equipment: What You Need to Know

Session Room 205 A | 1:00pm-1:50pm

Presented by HRAI

How does HVAC equipment work? In this session learn the fundamentals of an HVAC system. As building owners/facility managers you’ll be able to confidently understand sample equipment specifications and learn about performance metrics typically presented in manufacturers’ literature.


Tom Cates, Owner/Operator, On the Level HVAC Design

Tom Cates, Owner/Operator, On the Level HVAC Design

Tom has been a very dedicated Instructor for HRAI since 2006 and enjoys traveling across Canada teaching HRAI courses and helping to build awareness in our Industry. He has worked for both large and small HVAC contracting companies in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, and for several years owned and operated a metal fabricating company.

He lives just outside London, Ontario with his wife Sue and is the owner of On the Level HVAC Designs. He holds his RASDT & RHDT designations from HRAI and is a licensed BCIN residential HVAC system designer and consultant. He has been involved in various aspects of the HVAC industry for the past 33 years and holds licences as a 308-A Sheet Metal Worker, and a G2 Gas Technician.

As a proud member of HRAI, Tom has received HRAI’s Education Supporter award in 2007, and HRAI’s Education Leader.

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