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Education Session

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 (Special Industry Session)

Mid-Tier Buildings Forum

Session Room 206 D | 7:30am-9:45am

If Mid-Tier buildings (Class B, Class C) comprise all or some of your overall real estate portfolio, this session is for you. Join us to learn how to identify energy saving opportunities both through operations and energy efficient equipment and how to prepare a business case using a One Page Proposal.

Learn about the projects and operational changes three operators have implemented at their sites that not only reduced their monthly bill but resulted in additional benefits they hadn’t considered.You’ll hear the latest on the Save on Energy programs as a result of the recent changes made by the Ontario government as well as an update on the Mid-Tier Commercial Real Estate Energy Study presently underway with the IESO.

The purpose of this session is to provide you with the information, ideas and inspiration you need to save energy at your building.

Mid-Tier Buildings Forum Schedule:


  • 7:30am – 8:00am: Breakfast and networking

  • 8:00am – 9:45am:

    • Introductions and welcome remarks

    • Overview of the recent changes of Ontario’s Conservation Framework

    • Uncover energy savings opportunities in Mid-Tier buildings (Presenter: Stephen Dixon)

    • Panel discussion with Mid-Tier building owners/operators (Moderator: Phillip Raffi)

    • Open forum discussion and Q&A

    • Closing Remarks



Bala Gnanam, VP, Energy, Environment, BOMA Toronto

Bala Gnanam is the VP – Energy, Environment & Strategic Partnerships with the Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater Toronto Area (BOMA Toronto). He is responsible for managing and facilitating the development and delivery of educational contents, programs, and initiatives that promote energy efficiency, sustainability, and regulatory compliance to the membership.  Bala is also actively involved in the association’s advocacy initiatives, working closely with all three levels of governments and industry stakeholders contributing to policies and programs impacting the commercial real estate industry. Bala is an industrial engineer and a Certified Energy Manager with over eighteen years of experience in the energy and manufacturing sectors. Prior to his current role Bala was with an energy consulting firm as their Senior Program Manager responsible for the design and delivery of CDM services to multiple local electricity distribution companies in Ontario, and prior to that  he managed the BOMA Toronto’s multiple-award winning Conservation and Demand Management Program as its Director of Projects and Operations.

Phillip Raffi, Director of Sustainability and Energy, Colliers

Phillip Raffi, Director, Sustainability and Energy, Colliers International

Phillip has over nine years of experience in energy management and sustainability across multiple sectors. He leads the energy and sustainability team for Colliers’ Real Estate Management Services across Canada, which manages over 65 million square feet of commercial real estate. Phillip has successfully implemented strategic corporate initiatives that include national policy development, hedging strategies, green building certifications, operational efficiencies, and smart technology implementation for properties under management. Most recently, Phillip was awarded the 2018 IESO/Toronto Hydro Energy Manager of the Year award.

Robert Edwards, Business Advisor, IESO

Robert Edwards, Business Advisor, IESO

In his role as Business Advisor, Private Sector, Rob maintains relationships with large commercial businesses in Ontario - primarily those that have multiple locations throughout the province. These include commercial real estate, retail, financial, accommodation, foodservice, multi-unit residential. Working at the corporate level with a provincial focus, he provides strategies to help these organizations participate in the many Save on Energy for business incentive programs delivered directly by the IESO.

Stephen Dixon, President, TDS Dixon

Stephen Dixon, President, TDS Dixon

Stephen Dixon, has for over 38 years, provided energy management services to a diverse range of industrial, commercial, institutional and utility organizations. Broadly recognized as a leader in energy management training, his focus is simple; to empower all that he works with to use energy more effectively by developing individual skills, organizational best practices and providing tools for energy management. Stephen has extensive energy management experience, including 800+ energy assessments, over 1,900 energy management workshops and has inspired over 30,000 individuals from more than 1,000 organizations. Stephen holds a Master’s Degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Physics from the University of Prince Edward Island. 


Alice Shimoon, V.P. Commercial Properties, M&R Holdings

Alice Shimoon, V.P. Commercial Properties, M&R Holdings

A graduate of University of Ottawa, I have headed the commercial real estate activities at M&R Holdings, which comprise retail centres, an extensive industrial portfolio and office. My responsibilities include leasing from the smallest retail space to the largest build-to-suit industrial properties, property management, retrofitting of existing structures for increased energy efficiency and building new green-compliant developments.

My love of nature and my passion for conservation initiatives, have led me to identify and implement cost-effective, leading-edge conservation solutions for both existing and new buildings in our portfolio.

Clarke Stewart, Sustainability & Operations Coordinator

Clarke Stewart, Sustainability & Operations Coordinator, Crown Property Management Inc.

Clarke Stewart, has extensive experience within the Real Estate Property Management Industry and within the sustainability sector. Clarke works at both the property and corporate level to develop and implement collaborative energy conservation, and building improvement initiatives that includes best practices and new technologies related to sustainability, corporate social responsibility and environmental monitoring. Through such, effective results are made within the promotion and implementation of sustainability initiatives, operational efficiencies, green certifications and the organization’s overall environmental performance. Most recently, Clarke was awarded the 2019 BOMA Beyond Earth Hour - Landlord Challenge.

Justin Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Greenrock Real Estate Advisors

Justin Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, Greenrock Real Estate Advisors

Justin joined the Greenrock team in August of 2013. He brings with him over 25 years of senior management experience in construction, project management and property management and has held positions in the US, UK and Canada. Most recently, Justin held the position of Director, Real Estate for The Bank of Nova Scotia where he was responsible for over 6MM square feet of commercial space in Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean.  Until its sale in 2012, Justin was also General Manager of Scotia Plaza, the two million square foot trophy tower in downtown Toronto. Prior to this Justin directed the Operations and Property Management for ResREIT a 12,000 suite Canadian REIT, after moving back to Canada from the UK in 2002.  While in the UK, Justin held the position of Managing Director for Tudor Caterers Limited, a hotel and restaurant, builder, owner and manager.

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