The REMI Show has always extended a significant amount of time and energy related to its networking events. The networking events are always well attended and provide great ways for attendees and suppliers to connect face-to-face. Due to the current pandemic, the 2021 REMI Show will be occurring virtually, but we will still fulfill our commitment and tradition of holding networking receptions at our 2021 virtual show this June.

After a great day of keynotes, education sessions and technology sessions, the REMI Show will be holding 45 minute virtual reception on June 16 from 3:15pm to 4:00pm EST. The virtual receptions will include a number of tables that attendees can join at their leisure. REMI Show attendees will be able to see and speak with other attendees at a particular table and they can stay as long as they would like at a particular table. With a click of their mouse, they can easily move between as many tables as they would like during each reception. Some of the tables will be set up surrounding specific topics and moderated by a recognized industry expert who can address questions from the attendees surrounding that topic. Many of the tables will simply be set up as open tables for attendee networking. A number of sponsor tables will also be set up allowing attendees to connect with a wide range of product/service suppliers.

We are very excited to connect our valued attendees to their industry colleagues, industry experts, and suppliers via our two virtual networking receptions and we look forward to your participation. We have a lot to discuss based on the past several months and the REMI Show receptions will provide a great way to see and speak with your industry colleagues.

If you are interested in hosting a table at the REMI Show virtual receptions, please contact Chuck Nervick for more details at or 416-803-4653.