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Education Program

The below education program and presenters were part of our 2022 REMI Show. We wanted you to see examples of our programming and presenters in advance of posting our 2023 education program.

Where Do We Go From Here? Building Service Contractor & Property Management Discussion

The past two years have been quite a ride for the sanitation industry, and cleaning and disinfection have been at the forefront of peoples’ thoughts like never before. Building Service Contractors (BSCs) and the frontline cleaners have performed admirably in very difficult circumstances and should be recognized for their dedication and hard work. They have played a major role in keeping workspaces and the public at large safe.


To say that the last two years have been a challenge for BSCs would be a massive understatement. BSCs and the sanitation industry are facing some major challenges moving forward. Whether it be attracting workers to our industry, managing turnover, minimum wage, education and training, or the overall perception of cleaning and disinfection; these are serious issues that need to be spotlighted and addressed.

This panel event will delve into these issues, look for solutions and determine a path forward as we question ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ .


The panel will be comprised of three prominent Building Service Contractor representatives and three Property Management Experts.


Phillippe Mack, Senior VP Customer Service and US Expansion, Bee-Clean Maintenance


John Castelhano, VP Strategic Sourcing, BGIS

Elspeth Evans, Director, Office East, Quadreal Property Group

Kimberly Train, Director, Platform Services – Procurement - OMERS

Chris King, Senior VP, Hallmark Housekeeeping Services Inc.

Roberta Polyak, VP Human Resources, Bee-Clean Building Maintenance

Tony Raposo, Regional VP Operations, GDI Services (Canada) LP

Impacts of Disruption on the Construction Sector in 2022 and Beyond

Design and Construction in Ontario has been profoundly affected by disruption in recent years including a global pandemic, the skilled labour shortage, prompt payment legislation, innovations and new technologies, supply chain and price volatility, the climate crisis and geopolitical unrest to name a few. The purpose of this expert panel is to put context around what to expect in the next 12 to 24 months as a consequence of construction sector disruption to help development and property managers plan for change”.


John Mollenhauer, President & CEO, Toronto Construction Association


Jeff Murva, President, J Murva Consulting Ltd.

Craig Lesurf, President, Gillman Group

Greg Moore, Executive Advisor, Development & Project Management, Quantum Projects

TransformTO - Zero Carbon by 2040 and What it Means for Toronto's Real Estate Industry

The City of Toronto has the ambitious goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions city-wide by 2040. What does this goal mean for buildings which account for 57% of greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto? This discussion will highlight what is driving this goal, the range of regulatory tools and programs that could be used to accelerate building ghg reductions, and the important shift in perspective that will help the CRE community manage this transition.


Jeff Ranson, Director, Energy Environment and Advocacy, BOMA Toronto

Public Health’s Impact on Real Estate and ESG Assessments

As investors have grown increasingly focused on impact investing, the real estate community has steadily expanded its efforts to demonstrate a commitment to creating portfolios that positively impact our society. The Covid-19 pandemic has opened dialogue about the need to focus on health, particularly in commercial real estate. In this session, we will discuss the ways in which office design is shifting, such as through de-densification and other strategies, how employees can feel more confident returning to offices that promote human health and wellbeing, and the role that public health is playing in establishing which metrics are most relevant when it comes to positive impact on people — the ultimate goal of ESG investing.


Lauren Moss, Fitwel Ambassador Senior VP, Marketing & Business Development

Are You Prepared For A Digitized Real Estate Portfolio?

Protech evolution, IoT proliferation, increasing scrutiny of building’s contribution to GHG and the changing expectations how populations live/work are increasing the challenges for real estate professionals to take the appropriate action with the abundance of data that can be made available within their portfolio.   The good news is that the maturation of the industries understanding of Smart Buildings and Building Intelligence is enabling a solid foundation for which a proper framework can be built to expand across a portfolio and no longer limited to solely new developments.  The past few years of project experiences now serve as a reflection of lessons learned, best practices and the beginnings for standards and codes development.  Momentum is growing for the breadth of real estate portfolios to become digitized.   


The moderated panel session consisting of several senior Smart Building specialists including real estate executives, master systems integrators, industry rating authorities, and manufacturers will explore a range of important topics including implementation processes, data management philosophies, and how to achieve optimal outcomes. Learn how to get started, the pathways to success, the positive end results of a Smart Building project, and when your facility(s) can be classified as a Smart Building. 


Chuck Nervick, Senior Vice President, MediaEdge Communications Inc.



Remo Di Fronzo, Director of Building Digitization , Ainsworth Technology Solutions
Obhishek Bhattacharjee MBA, P.Eng., LEED Green Associate, Senior Associate, Smith + Andersen

Andrew Freitas, Director of Business Development, North America WiredScore

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