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Education Session

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The End of the Silent Killers

Session Room - 205 C | 4:35pm - 4:55 pm

This session will present a new spray bottle technology that is free of toxic gas and VOCs as compared to traditional aerosol products. If you use aerosol products in your day-to-day operations, attend this session to see a new option that your staff (and the environment) will love. 


Daniel Charland, Chief Operating Officer, InnuScience Ontario Inc.

Daniel Charland, Chief Operating Officer, InnuScience Ontario Inc.


Since it’s creation in 1992, InnuScience has gained industry recognition for its technological product innovations in professional hygiene and cleaning. Currently InnuScience products are being used by cleaning professionals in the education, health, food service, industrial and transit sectors. Products are exported to over 20 countries and stand out in terms of performance, environmental respect and innovation. With a range of 50+ products and the ongoing development of new technologies, InnuScience is a leading example of biotechnology integration, providing viable green alternatives that consistently exceed expectations.

Mr. Charland is Chief Operating Officer at InnuScience Ontario and is actively involved in the growth of the company, introducing InnuScience products to Ontario businesses interested in reducing their environmental footprint. Mr. Charland is committed to ensuring that InnuScience Ontario and his team apply the best principles of sustainable development.

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