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Education Session

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Virtual Facility / Property Management (VFM) in a Connected World

Session Room 205 C | 1:00pm-1:50pm

As more offices and enterprises implement IoT technologies, it’s important for all FMs to understand the possibilities of this increasingly connected world. The data generated by IoT enabled sensors is capable of boosting performance by increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


Small to medium-sized commercial buildings have been the slowest to adopt building automation technology, but IoT-powered smart devices and systems have the potential to change that. Since the majority of multifamily buildings fall into the small-to-medium-sized category, the multifamily industry as a whole could be subject to massive change in the next decade. The benefits of IoT for facilities management are well-documented, ranging from energy savings to air quality monitoring. Multifamily facilities stand to benefit in a number of unique ways as well. In an increasingly competitive rental market, smart apartments and condos are becoming more popular for residents and facilities managers alike.


Multifamily buildings present a unique set of challenges for facilities manager. The stakes are unusually high– you are dealing with people’s homes and families. The demands are different, as well– there are no “after hours” in a multifamily building, so system downtime is not an option. Aligning the schedules of residents and staff for things like maintenance requests can be difficult and inefficient without the right tools in place. Multifamily FMs risk wasting time and money just trying to complete routine tasks throughout the day.


These are just a few of the reasons why IoT is primed to drastically change facilities management in the multifamily industry. Using automation, data, and remote control capabilities, facilities managers have the power to improve the lives of their residents and staff. Inexpensive and interoperable IoT devices allow buildings to maintain their advantage for years to come. Buildings become safer, more efficient, and more comfortable while reducing the workload of the staff.


Roger Thompson, VP Strategy and Sustainability, First Service Corp.

Roger Thompson, VP Strategy and Sustainability, First Service Corp.


Roger Thompson serves as Vice President Strategy and Sustainability for FirstService Corporation. In this role, Roger is responsible for driving strategic initiatives across all of FirstService's business platforms. Additionally, Roger is focused on developing corporate citizenship and sustainability programs for our employees, clients and communities. Roger is an MBA graduate from the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management. Roger is passionate about innovation, training, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and organizational effectiveness.


Adam Bartman, Co-Founder, Reed

Adam Bartman, Co-Founder, Reed


Adam is a 2nd generation plumber, who worked beside his father since the age of 12. He worked for 18 years mastering the trade and scaled a plumbing and mechanical service business to serve over 300 properties in the GTA. In 2015 Adam was looking for a rapid way to shut off water following a leak and struggled to find suitable products in responds to catastrophic building floods with his customer base. When none existed, he turned to his childhood friend Avi Yurman and together they established reed. After 4 years of R&D,  Adam is a plumber turned tech entrepreneur with a goal to be the plumber, that gave every other plumber, a product they could install, design and be proud of - showing the world that plumbers and mechanical trades are the most important jobs in society and change the status quo, in the industry he knows best.

Sorin Michnea, Chief Technology Officer, SuiteSpot Inc.

Sorin Michnea, Chief Technology Officer, SuiteSpot Inc.


Sorin is an entrepreneurial technologist with 15 years of experience building products and teams in varied technical fields, from telecommunications to web publishing and analytics. Sorin has joined SuiteSpot to realize the immense potential in using data and technology to improve real estate field operations, data collection and strategic decision making. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Bucharest.

Maximilian Gajdel, STAN A.I.

Maximilian Gajdel, Co-Founder, STAN A.I.

Max Gajdel is the Co-Founder of Stan A.I. (, the first artificially intelligent assistant for condo/apartment managers. Max has deep experience in property management. Prior to co-founding Stan, Max spent six years on the leadership team with North America’s largest residential property management company, working across Canada for a company that managed more than 2 million condo and apartment units.

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